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Are you interested in working as a research assistant for the Sleep Research Lab?  Requirements to work in the lab are:

  • At least a 3.0 GPA
  •  Goal to go to graduate school or medical school following college
  •  A 10 hour/week, two semester commitment to the lab
  • Interest in the area of sleep science
  • Strong work ethic, good interpersonal skills, punctuality, and a sense of professionalism

If you are interested in applying to work as an RA in the Sleep Research lab, please email Monica Kelly at  Please include a cover letter, a CV or resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcripts.  Monica will email you back to set up an interview for the lab.  We only accept new students to join the lab at the beginning of fall, spring, and summer semesters.  We will not accept new students in the middle of the semester.

*** NOTE: The Sleep Research Lab will not be taking any more students as Research Assistants for Fall of 2012.  Please contact Monica Kelly at several weeks before the beginning of Spring semester 2013 if you are interested in joining the lab ***